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Philip Diehl Pitching, Testimonial

Phillip Diehl

Michael Kelly is one of the best pitching minds I’ve ever had the privilege of being around during my entire baseball career. I’ve seen with my own eyes, the work he puts in every day to master his own craft and still finds a way to help others improve at the highest level in the MLB. 

If I was a HS or college baseball player in the area, I would do a lot of things to be around Kelly and improve all aspects of my game.

Daniel Norris Pitching, Testimonial

Daniel Norris

Michael Kelly is one of the most intuitive baseball minds that I’ve had the pleasure to share a clubhouse with in my career. The perfect combination of old school hardball & new school innovation. In respect to hard work, his routine is a consonance of movements all designed for a specific purpose - upward trajectory. 


Beyond his personal approach to improvement I was wildly impressed with his willingness & desire to share his knowledge in order to help others. Constantly seeking out teammates with ideas & movement patterns that he saw fit for their specific needs. The attention to detail is the most impressive aspect of his tutelage. Not a one size fits all method but a full assessment of strengths vs weakness.. How to make old & new mechanical adjustments compatible.

I watched him help a number of pitchers regain lost velocity as well as others’ harness new found velocity. 

Bo Rudy, Testimonial

Bo Rhudy

Michael is super knowledgeable and gave me great pointers and things to remember that I still use today as a division 1 college pitcher.


Why Us?

Our training systems have been designed by a Major League Pitcher and a Chiropractor with a CSCS specializing in training athletes. Our training programs are proven to work at the highest level of the game.

Get connected with the best coaches in the game, no matter where you are.

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